Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cool Places To Go


There are some beautiful natural wonders here in America, we have the grand canyon Niagara falls and in Oregon we have Crater lake. Scientist say thousands of years ago Mount Mazama exploded, sending rivers of lave gushing from the top. After being quiet for years the mountain finally trembled, cracked, and the edges of the crater fell into a big hole at the top. That is why some people say Mount Mazama swallowed its self. Now the crates is filled with clear blue water…it’s like looking into gods bowl….There is a small village where your can find quaint places to stay and visit. There is a highway that runs around the lake, it’s a beautiful sight.


The final place I think everyone should visit is the Grand Canyon. I figured I should mention this one because it truly is a natural wonder of the world. Its depth and vast size are breath taking and makes you feel connected to the world like no other place. The Grand Canyon speaks history and engulfs your soul, it’s so beautiful and worth any effort it may take to see it. I also recommend if you are in a healthy state of life that you and your family should take some of the many tours both hiking rafting the river are fun and exhilarating. See one of the wonders of the natural world right here in the USA take you family and have some fun.

The brown cupcake

In Oklahoma you can find an authentic Indian-village. Indian-city is in the Tokugawa Hills near Anadarko Oklahoma. The Indians have built everything here from the grass houses to the fine art. Tours are held teaching about the customs of different tribes, Indian dances and feasts are held. Learn about their clothing, tools, musical instruments and more. Meet the ancestors of those who where here first see what life was like before big cities and stone houses. This is a very interesting place to visit, defiantly for the kids.
Grass hut Indian City Oklahoma.

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