Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big Exzorsting Day.

In the weekend my friends And I went to the mall called Silvia Park what we did there was rated the shop for shoes we searched and searched and then whoop Dee do we found the white ones we had been searching for long as we were so happy. then we kept putting on shoes until we found the ones we could fit they were on special they only cost 25$ really cheap they a usually 40$ then we walked to the train and caught one of the trains to GI we went to the cafe to see who was in it we only saw my sister vaine then we told her to come with us to Mac Donald's we ate until we could eat no more then walking home really full like you cant eat in a hole week half a sleep as our friends say good by it fells like you cant even yell to them and there only across the road we see one of our other friends and that woke us right up we went and played kicks then we had a challenge who can kick it over the pole or higher but my sister one that competition wow she said with excitement then we fout little drops on our head then my sister Teari and I went in side and had some more competitions with each other I won then my friend went home we watched T V and we were so exzorsted we fell A sleep after five minitues then when we woke up we had our yum dinner we had laznia and went to sleep for our big day at school tomorry and that was what we did on our bog day at school...

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