Friday, October 28, 2011

School Holidays

School Holidays.
P.1 what I did in the holidays
P.2 going to YMCA pools
P.3 swimming,bombing,racing
P.4 eating
P.5 going

In the holidays I went to the YMCA pools we were so exsited we got dressed be for we went there so all we had to do was go and pay and as soon as we were in the door take a hell of a jump and run and jump in the pool .

As we were just getting ready to have race we had a practice on our way back we went again and that was our final one back my auntie Sam was cheering and she was wining until I got mad because she always wins and i wasn't gonna let that happen again so of I went and nearly to the try line who ho and there i was the winner.

So my Auntie Sam's boy friend went to get us some fishing chips and when he walked in the door we ran out fast because we were hungry so we each got a hot dog and some chips each when we finished we rest our stomach for about twenty minutes then of we go back in to the pool.

Then we got told that were going to go I tried to hied so I didn't have to go but my auntie came to look for me and she told me to get dressed so I had a shower in the girls changing room and got change after my shower and as we were walking out I said thanks and good bye.

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