Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Movie dictation

This is the introduction to a movie. I will be trying to edit it for punctuation. Do you know what movie this script is from?

this is the story of how i died don,t worry this is achcallya very fun story and the truth is it isn,t mine. this is a story of a girl name Rapunzel and it starts with the sun now once upon a time a singel drop of sun light fell from the hevens and from that small drop of sun grew a magic golden flower it had the ability to hell the sick and ingerd oh you see that old woman over there you might want to remeber her shes kind of inportant well setrees pastand and a hop skip and a boate ride away there grew a kingdom the kingdom was ruelled by a beloved king and queen well the queen she was about to have a baby but she got sick really sick she was running out of time and thats when people usally start to look for a miracal or in this case a magic golden fower
nah i told you shell be inportant you see instead of shareing the sons gift this woman mother gufful horted heaing power and use it for hundres of yers and all shehad to do was sing a special song flower gleam and glue let your power shine make the clock reverse bring back what once was mine what once was mine. alright you get the jist she sings to it she turns younge creeppy right?’the magic flower heald the Queen .a healthey baby girl,a princess was born with
We found it the magic of the golden flower heald the Queen beautiful golden hair(baby sqeking)
ill give you a hint thats Rupunzel to sellabrte her birth the the queen lanced a fluing lanton in to the sky and for that one moment every thing was perfect and then that moment ended...
fllower gleam and blue let your power shine make the clock re hoogather broke in to the casell (baby crying)and stole the chiled and just like that gone the kindom search and search and could not find the princess but deep with in the forest in a hidden tower goffen rased the childas her own goffel had tak wat once was lost bring back what once was mine gofel had found her new magic flower but this time she was deturment to keep it in why cant i go out side the out side world is a dangerous place filled with horibel sefish people you must stay here were you safe do you under stand flower yes mommy but the walls of that tower could not hide evertihng each year of her birthd Queen and King relesed thousens of lantons in to the sky and hopes that some day the lost princess will return

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