Friday, November 25, 2011

Camp Bentzon

Camp Bentzon 2011

1.)About Swimming
2.)when i was sailing

1st Paragraph
As it was free time we zoomed off onto the the beach and swam to the wharf. When we got there we went on it and dived off, we tried to see who could do the biggest bomb, well as usual it is always Richard but in a fun way. He was helping me get on the wharf because I was struggling to get up because I didn't want to go all the way around to the other side to get back up.

2nd Paragraph
Well we were waiting and waiting and then out came Peter he gave us instructions. Then of we went to sail it was so fun but scary. And I really thought we were going to drown because we were out deep and tide was in well at lest I had a turn and took one of my fears away.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Writing About Mars

1.)It is so impossible to live on Mars because there is know gravity and there is so much more things why you cant live in Mars. But the main thing is that it is much to hot if you went there with know shoes you would die. But know one is that stupid to go to mars and wast there time led a lone go there in no shoes any on would think your poor any way who is dumb anoth to go there. Now lets hit to the point.

Mars has two moons and none rings. And Mars is the forth planet from the Sun and is much smaller then the earth. The Color of Mars is sort of rookie sandy and dry and hot it has ice caps like earth. And is 687 days to get there it would take 24 hours and 27 minutes to get from Mars back to Earth That is just like a night and a half a hour and 7 minutes. The two moons a called Phobos and Deimos.

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Planets In Order

My - Mercury
Very - Venus
Excellent - Earth
Mum - Mars
Just - Jupiter
Sent - Saturn
Us - Uranus
Noodles - Neptune

School Holidays

School Holidays.
P.1 what I did in the holidays
P.2 going to YMCA pools
P.3 swimming,bombing,racing
P.4 eating
P.5 going

In the holidays I went to the YMCA pools we were so exsited we got dressed be for we went there so all we had to do was go and pay and as soon as we were in the door take a hell of a jump and run and jump in the pool .

As we were just getting ready to have race we had a practice on our way back we went again and that was our final one back my auntie Sam was cheering and she was wining until I got mad because she always wins and i wasn't gonna let that happen again so of I went and nearly to the try line who ho and there i was the winner.

So my Auntie Sam's boy friend went to get us some fishing chips and when he walked in the door we ran out fast because we were hungry so we each got a hot dog and some chips each when we finished we rest our stomach for about twenty minutes then of we go back in to the pool.

Then we got told that were going to go I tried to hied so I didn't have to go but my auntie came to look for me and she told me to get dressed so I had a shower in the girls changing room and got change after my shower and as we were walking out I said thanks and good bye.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big Exzorsting Day.

In the weekend my friends And I went to the mall called Silvia Park what we did there was rated the shop for shoes we searched and searched and then whoop Dee do we found the white ones we had been searching for long as we were so happy. then we kept putting on shoes until we found the ones we could fit they were on special they only cost 25$ really cheap they a usually 40$ then we walked to the train and caught one of the trains to GI we went to the cafe to see who was in it we only saw my sister vaine then we told her to come with us to Mac Donald's we ate until we could eat no more then walking home really full like you cant eat in a hole week half a sleep as our friends say good by it fells like you cant even yell to them and there only across the road we see one of our other friends and that woke us right up we went and played kicks then we had a challenge who can kick it over the pole or higher but my sister one that competition wow she said with excitement then we fout little drops on our head then my sister Teari and I went in side and had some more competitions with each other I won then my friend went home we watched T V and we were so exzorsted we fell A sleep after five minitues then when we woke up we had our yum dinner we had laznia and went to sleep for our big day at school tomorry and that was what we did on our bog day at school...

Friday, September 30, 2011

Why should you go to Samoa

Samoa’s location in the heart of the Pacific has protected there culture and surrounded by such beauty, Samoans have perfected the art of being. Our country may be lower than many countries but we score highly on any happiness index. Robert Louis Stevenson, the great story teller,called his fellow Samoans “the happy people.” why well do you get it there is a lot of why you should go.