Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Zealand vs France.

“Yum” I said as I was eating my food, and once I finished my food my brother's, sister's and I helped my mom clean.I had a lot of fun making our beds down stairs so we can all watch our TV together and as me and my brothers her was bringing the matres down stairs having a bit of fun bolling each other over then we finished. And what we done was parked up and watched the game as it started when the As it started we stood up and sang the nationally Anthem and my brothers done the haka with the All Blacks. As Ma’a Nonu was going to get a try we were cheering and then my sister came and ruined it out of the blues in front of the TV she just did some hip hop moves she learnt at her dance practice but lucky there was a replay of the try because we weren't able to see the first try, we were so loud one of our neighbours came to our house because they didn't have sky, but that's all right but my mom wasn't happy because they thought they could help thought the could help there self to our food but my mum thought they were only coming over to watch the RWC game because that’s what they said, could not hear them making something to eat because we were cheering to loud (wow) goes my mom and I and that is the end.

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